A mom can find her kid. Even in a crowd. I could find Andrew on the football field by watching for arms and legs. I can spot Daniel by the sound of his laugh. And Ian’s voice draws my attention. Much like his dad’s, it's distinctive and pleasing.  And as with Andrew, if he's moving, I can find …

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Weekly Photo Challenge ~ From Above

A photo taken from above... I can never pick just one... .... where the Klondike and Yukon Rivers meet at Dawson City ~~~~~ .... where grown-up sons play at the beach  ~~~~~ .... and "Wheel Barrow Boy" WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Subjects peeps and my flowers ....big brother meets little brother  ....from ugly to less ugly (in my humble opinion) ....the Great Red Hot Chili Pepper and Batman Caper ....window seat with a view WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

The Mystery of Raising Children

How did this little boy... ... become this hard-working man ... and this daddy of three? At birth I held each son and wondered... ..... what will you look like? ..... what kind of man will you be? ..... what will you do in this world? And I just trusted God. Four brothers = lots of trusting. …

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Weekly Photo Challenge : Contrast

A new life beginning beautifully... a long life beautifully living.. WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

My Big Ball of Smarts

I've learned a great deal unpacking boxes of stuff. It turns out I collect a lot of paper.  I have a wide variety of child's art, report cards and letters home from basic training. Papers touched, decorated and written on by my sons were causing me stress.  I couldn't bare to throw them away even tho my …

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Christmas Perfection

I talk on the phone to my parents and Mom laments.  After the initial holiday enthusiasm wanes, after her annual Christmas craft faire is done, after her festive packages are mailed, there is the let down.  The perfect Christmas seems to elude.  Quiet waiting is all that is left. Then it's my turn .....there are no kids or grandkids dropping …

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