My Big Ball of Smarts

I’ve learned a great deal unpacking boxes of stuff.

It turns out I collect a lot of paper.  I have a wide variety of child’s art, report cards and letters home from basic training.

Papers touched, decorated and written on by my sons were causing me stress.  I couldn’t bare to throw them away even tho my youngest will turn 30 next month.

So, I talked sternly to myself, weeded out the illegible, the totally unidentifiable, and threw those out.  Then I went to the store and bought four plastic totes – not too big – not too small – just the right size – and labeled them.

I put the best of the best inside.  My daughters-in-law needn’t worry… I’ll hang on to these for awhile.  I just wanted to know they were in a safe place, in a kind of, sort of order.  If the guys ever want to know how they scored academically in the 2nd grade… or what the teacher’s comments said regarding someone’s language skills (you know which one you are), it’s here.

This process has also given me a number of potential blog post ideas… for example –

Note the return address on Ian’s first letter home from basic training in Columbus, Georgia:

   Hell – 666 Hot Street – Burnsville, Hades

…in which he describes his first haircut as being about “3 millimeters in length and taking most of the surrounding skin with it”.  And the intriguing comment that ” I have, unbelievably, made one mistake. I asked the DI a question without getting permission first”.  Imagine, he only made one mistake.  I am so proud.

But I think the most uplifting item I found was a giant mother’s day card crafted by youngest son, Daniel.  He drew a picture of “The Mother’s ball of smarts”. 

He’s always been extremely observant.  And extremely bright.  I like this kid a lot.

I’d forgotten all about my ball of smarts.  Hopefully it will turn up in one of the other boxes.

I really need it.  Now.

6 thoughts on “My Big Ball of Smarts

  1. Marilyn

    How preciously hysterical…let me know if you find “The Mother’s ball of Smarts.” I am so sure that you could make a fortune!!!
    I am so enjoying your blog and grateful that you have once again begun to write 🙂


  2. Courtney

    love Ian’s return address! and Dan’s “ball of smarts” … very sweet 🙂

    ps~ i also can’t help but notice Dan’s hand writing is still the same….how funny!


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