31 Days of Aging Grace ~ Voice

The smoke from my neighbor’s chimney, fog laying still on the trees, the sun trying to poke thru… draws me outside in the early morning. Without a word, the gophers have said the lawn is theirs... we've lost the battle for this season anyway. And the fog... it feels like a blanket.  The sun is saying, “hey! get up!  … Continue reading 31 Days of Aging Grace ~ Voice

Five Minute Friday ~ Graceful

To my younger self - graceful was how one walked across the room and spoke with assurance... neither of which I did well. Graceful was the high school dance team I desperately wanted to belong to, but never made the cut. Graceful was my aunt, standing on the tarmac in her broad-brimmed hat, looking like Grace … Continue reading Five Minute Friday ~ Graceful

Five Minute Friday: Community

Joining with the "community" at Gypsy Mama today - write for five minutes, no over thinking, just write.  The word - community. I've never liked the word community. It feels uncomfortable. So I thought I'd skip this challenge. But it won't skip me. All my life the family community has filled my time... the family born … Continue reading Five Minute Friday: Community

Five Minute Friday: Good-Bye

...linking today with Gypsy Mama, writing for five minutes, the word: good-bye I've said good-bye in airports, on tarmacs, on the street in front of my house, in hospital rooms, over the telephone, in an email. Said good-bye to my parents, wondering when I would see them again... Held my grandfather's hand in his hospital room... … Continue reading Five Minute Friday: Good-Bye

Five Minute Friday: Light

I lightly swat the lady bug from the blinds... they split and tear open.  Great, one more thing to replace. Health issues out of the blue... my mother, a son.  Miles separate and all I can do is pray.  All I can do.  Or is it the most I can do? And today of all days... the one I'm … Continue reading Five Minute Friday: Light

Unwrappable Gift

This is Five Minute Friday and the word is..... Gift ... freakish spring snowstorm, but the blossoms survive ... hearing mom's voice on the phone ... sons ... two tall coffees and the long ride home in his pick-up truck ... pick-up trucks ... little boys eating pizza, little girls eating cupcakes... and the daughters-in-law who make it all … Continue reading Unwrappable Gift

Five Minute Friday: Loud

My Five Minute Friday is late.... Saturday will have to do.  The one word prompt: LOUD no-o-o-o-o, why didn't he turn his alarm off - this isn't a work day.. oh man.. forgot to call in her prescription... need to shop.. nothing for dinner... we'll be gone all day... do not stretch that way you'll get … Continue reading Five Minute Friday: Loud

Five Minute Friday: Brave

Linking today with Gypsy Mama where one word is our prompt... write for five minutes, no over-thinking, no backtracking, no editing.  Here we go.... ................BRAVE I don't know what's out there anymore... it's fuzzy and gray. How can I be this old and suddenly not know where I'm going.  I like to plan... to have a plan.  … Continue reading Five Minute Friday: Brave

Five Minute Friday : Empty

OK, I can't resist any longer.  I am linking with The Gypsy Mama where the challenge is to write for five minutes - no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking. I'm a notorious overthinker.  We shall see how this goes. Today's word is Empty......... We emptied this room last weekend... except for those 100-year old windows, … Continue reading Five Minute Friday : Empty