The Last Someday ~ A Memorial

I've been thinking a lot about that villanous word - Someday... ... about how I let it rob me and what I am going to do about it. ... about my parents as they face major change.  As Mom said the other day, "he just thought this would never end". I imagine these soldiers thought … Continue reading The Last Someday ~ A Memorial

Ties that Bind …. God, Family, Country

This morning I was searching for a quote related to soldiers and somehow ended up HERE.....good reading. An interesting article by Eric Hartley of the Capital Gazette, Maryland, recounts the story of a man who found a letter written by his great-great-grandmother, Esther Thayer, stuck in the back of an old pocket Bible. The Bible was carried  … Continue reading Ties that Bind …. God, Family, Country

What Memorial Day Looks Like… me

On 23 April 2007, a young Oregon soldier was killed along with 8 others from his 82nd Airborne unit.  His father reached out to Doug shortly after being notified by the army.  They were casual acquaintances thru work...their shared military experiences and those of our sons had created a bond. Over the next few weeks we watched … Continue reading What Memorial Day Looks Like… me

What Memorial Day Feels Like….to me

Waves roll gentle ....water, sky and sand swirl together like an iridescent pearl. Hundreds are gathered, flags ripple in the breeze.... and truth be told, I don't want to be here.  I don't want to be this close to death. Fifty, maybe sixty Patriot Guard riders park their motorcycles and stand shoulder to shoulder along both sides of … Continue reading What Memorial Day Feels Like….to me

Counting Them Home

Calendars and clocks were no use to least not until the very end.  And even then there is no civilian who can compete with the Army's time table. The days of sons deployed .... these were counted in missed Christmases and birthdays... in breaking news stories I didn't want to watch but couldn't help … Continue reading Counting Them Home


I bought my first poppy Saturday.  Not my first ever....just for this season.  I'll end up with several more.... one for the car rearview mirror, my jacket zipper pull, one taped to the monitor of my work computer. I'm a sucker for poppies, anything red,white and blue, anything remotely military.  I love Memorial Day and … Continue reading Poppies