Fall Love

Last week I took some moments to capture color on the trees... and take a coffee break with the husband... and build memories to hold till autumn comes back next year. The leaves fall, the wind blows, and the farm country slowly changes from the summer cottons into its winter wools. - Henry Beston     I would rather sit … Continue reading Fall Love

Your Ten-year-old Self

Three of my seven grandchildren share my birth month, which... I don't know about you, but I think it's kind of odd.  Anyway, this young one recently turned 10. This summer his bare legs and toes will race thru lawn sprinklers, peddle his birthday bike and chase his brother around the house.  He will go to … Continue reading Your Ten-year-old Self

Two Eggs, Toast and Coffee Cliff

Doug and I don’t get much couple time anymore… unless you count TV after dinner… until one of us conks out… and that would be him. Sometimes I arrange for a caregiver on Saturdays.  Typically we’ll spend that day working on the never-ending projects at our old house.  And that’s OK with me.  It’s a day together.  I appreciate … Continue reading Two Eggs, Toast and Coffee Cliff

BYOB’s New Meaning

Plastic bags are outlawed in the town where I shop. You either bring your own bag, or buy a paper one for 5 cents. Five cents is no big deal.  It's just irritating. So I've been accumulating an assortment of my own... some for free, some cost a buck or two.  And I'm doing pretty good … Continue reading BYOB’s New Meaning


Mostly I'm a point A to point B person.... as in, we have a long way to go so let's go.  Now. I'm not your best choice as a shopping partner.  I can fake that I like shopping for a while... a short while.  Typically I have a list and that's the reason I'm at the store.  … Continue reading Renewal

Maxwell the Turkey

I just couldn’t post this before Thanksgiving.  I’m sure you’ll understand why.  And besides, Maxwell is a Christmas story.  And there’s still time to forget this by then. Long ago and far away in Alaska, my husband decided we would raise our own turkey for the holidays.  It would be a good lesson, he said, … Continue reading Maxwell the Turkey

Going, going, gone….

I'm leaving my sunny deck for a few days... Visiting a son I've been missing for far too long... Seeing a state I've never been to before... There will be pictures to take, people to meet and good food to eat.  And... "I will let love be my guide"...Ephesians 5:2

Am I bright enough for a smart phone??

Probably not... ... it was a possibility voiced the day the chimney cleaner/fixer guy came to the house and she waved her arm in my direction saying "she's not too bright". But since she's lost those filters that prevent most of us from saying rude things about a person, especially when they're standing right in front of you... I can cut … Continue reading Am I bright enough for a smart phone??

Do you read every page of every book you start?

Honestly, I don't.  And I feel guilty about that. So I'm thinking our upcoming move will be a good opportunity to purge my book collection.  I need to get rid of some guilt. I'm also thinking it might not be a bad thing to not complete a book.  Perhaps I learned what I needed to learn from the pages … Continue reading Do you read every page of every book you start?

Mom, Where am I?

So after you've announced you're leaving your job...what next?? First you work really hard to get to that last day.  You anticipate and plan for the new, different, good and strange things looming in your future.  But at the moment, I find life a little odd. I've discovered that when you step out of the predictable status … Continue reading Mom, Where am I?