after doubt has had it’s way… write

"Honey, I can't stop moving cause I might not get going again", my grandpa often said.  I thought he was talking about going for a walk, or wrangling horses, or making hot dog and parmesan cheese tacos.  Turns out his observation applies to much, much more... Like writing words on paper... which sounds kind of wimpy compared to what he used … Continue reading after doubt has had it’s way… write

A Blog Do-Over, of sorts

I became intrigued with the blogging world about three years ago and began to follow several.  By e-reader or email, these blogs faithfully showed up.  For awhile. Then some tapered off so I’d need to remind myself what it was I liked about them in the first place. And then the day came when I’d open my email … Continue reading A Blog Do-Over, of sorts

Did I Mess Up Already?

So my last post.... I share my big dream to the extent I know it.  I say something about " joyful, blah, blah...regardless of circumstance, blah, blah...write, blah, encouraging, blah, blah"...... This week... I don't want to write a post AT ALL because I couldn't stay joyful and I feel like a failure so why … Continue reading Did I Mess Up Already?

Filling in the Sky

I've been ruminating on Holley's invitation to join the pursuit of a "God-sized Dream". My God-sized Dream. I'm to wrap that dream with words today.  Seriously.  Not as easy as I thought it would be. What I dream about has changed so much.  Like when I was six... and wanted to be a cowboy.  Since I … Continue reading Filling in the Sky

Day Eleven ~ Missing In Action

31 Days of Aging Grace is still fresh in my mind.  I've never written and posted to my blog for 31 days straight.  Well, almost 31 days... If you look at the list of links during the month of October, day eleven is link-less. I tried to cover up a bit and glossed over it on … Continue reading Day Eleven ~ Missing In Action

Someday is only pretend…

someday.... when I grow up I'll never get married or have kids and I will travel all over and do things and meet people and write great stories - yea, I'm going to be a writer... someday... when my sons are grown I'll have time to write about the places we've lived and people we've met and the things we … Continue reading Someday is only pretend…

Throw a duffel bag at me… really, it’s ok

Twice I circled the arrival lanes at Anchorage Airport. No husband. He had called two hours earlier, and I must say, after nine weeks it was about time.  The kids and I scrambled into the old Chevy suburban and trekked to town... 45 minutes on a good day... one hour on a bad.  Today it was very … Continue reading Throw a duffel bag at me… really, it’s ok

On Dental Care, Sweat Rags and Leaving a Legacy

I've been thinking a lot on the legacy I will leave behind.  Not sure why this has captured my thought process so much lately.  Of course, living with an aged person... and on the fast track to becoming one myself, I guess it's kind of "normal". I mean, what will my kids and grandkids remember most about me?  Will they … Continue reading On Dental Care, Sweat Rags and Leaving a Legacy

Writing Honestly – or – Writing, Honestly?

I am amazed at how hard this is... once I've made a decision and a committment to do something... how hard it is to do. On March 1st I joined an accountability group of writers to set goals for the book I've wanted to write for twenty years. First off... just saying I joined a group of writers sounds silly … Continue reading Writing Honestly – or – Writing, Honestly?

Boldly Go… or Hold Back in Fear?

The parable of the talents in the Bible has always bugged me.  The end result seemed unfair...... ....a wealthy man leaves on a journey.  Before leaving he gives talents (money) to three of his servants.  Five talents to one, two to another and one to the last.  While he's gone the first two servants invest and double his … Continue reading Boldly Go… or Hold Back in Fear?