Maxwell the Turkey

I just couldn’t post this before Thanksgiving.  I’m sure you’ll understand why.  And besides, Maxwell is a Christmas story.  And there’s still time to forget this by then. Long ago and far away in Alaska, my husband decided we would raise our own turkey for the holidays.  It would be a good lesson, he said, … Continue reading Maxwell the Turkey

Using my Laser Vision

For a couple weeks now, a picture has been floating in my head… this little boy, red boots, red jacket, green hat… standing on the edge of a frozen highway… alone. It’s one of those life snapshots I’ll never forget.  The picture, the sounds, the circumstances are as real to me this moment as they … Continue reading Using my Laser Vision

Meeting Evil

You know that sense when you feel at risk in a place or situation?  Or you meet a person who makes you feel uncomfortable?  I know it well...I'm sure most do.  A friend sent me a news link this week that brought it home again. It was early December, 1981.  A former co-worker of Doug's had invited us to … Continue reading Meeting Evil

Summer Pea Pickin’

It made me happy to see a grandson in a garden.  It got me to thinking... I need a vegetable garden of my own.  This young man was very proud of his leaf.  He ate fresh peas and called them pea-candy.  I hope he will always think of veggies that way.  Hmmm...we'll see how long that lasts. … Continue reading Summer Pea Pickin’

How I Broke My Snow Hatin’ Daddy’s Nose

During my overly imaginative childhood, I had dreams.  I planned to sing and dance my way to stardom.  If that didn't work I'd be a world-famous accordionist.  This was most likely influenced by watching too many Lawrence Welk shows ...required viewing in my parents' home. My folks thought the accordion was the safest "dream of the week" so Dad rented one and made sure I got to my weekly lesson.  Mom made … Continue reading How I Broke My Snow Hatin’ Daddy’s Nose

No Place for Quitters ….. 5th of series

Before our move to Alaska, my life was pretty safe.  I'd never really met an on purpose mean person.  I was about to. The tow truck operator .... I do remember his name but will keep it to myself.  From now on I'll refer to him as "the man" and his place of business as "the shop".  I forgave … Continue reading No Place for Quitters ….. 5th of series

From Light To Dark ….. 4th of series

"HE is before all things, and in HIM all things hold together"... Colossians 1:17 Wish I'd known that verse before we left Destruction Bay.  But maybe it wouldn't have mattered. What I did know that morning .... God's handiwork dazzled our eyes around every turn.  It was too big to capture with a cheap camera.  … Continue reading From Light To Dark ….. 4th of series

Into the Snow ….. 3rd of series

...if you've started reading our great adventure today, you can find parts one and two here and here.  We've a few more pages left to this story...... It was snowing lightly that first morning in Haines.  Reports said blizzard, so we hurried thru breakfast.  We should have savored it was to be the last "normal" meal for a while. … Continue reading Into the Snow ….. 3rd of series

Courage to Stand ….. 2nd of series

I've known my husband over 43 years.  Doug is an original thinker.  He's not afraid to try the untested.  He has faults, but being wimpy is not one of them. It's one thing to sit behind a computer screen and type what you's something totally different to stand in front of people and say and/or do … Continue reading Courage to Stand ….. 2nd of series

The End and the Beginning …..1st of series

My first meeting with Doug he talked about living in Alaska.  But he talked then (as he talks now) about a lot of things.  I didn't give it much importance.  Personally, life was good.  We bought our first home a couple of years earlier, had a beautiful 2 year old son, had just found out our second child was on the I'd … Continue reading The End and the Beginning …..1st of series