Connections ~ From The Road

A couple of weeks ago I headed south... just a quick trip to check in with my folks and help with tax paperwork. Over the years driving has become my least favorite thing, especially when I'm alone.  But staying connected to family is one of my most favorite things, so I get in the car.  From the rural … Continue reading Connections ~ From The Road

Pruning Life

I pruned back the hydrangeas a couple of weeks ago.  It was a little early, maybe.  And I’m no expert gardener.  Just a reluctant beginner. Several how-to articles were read.  My husband did it last year and they survived.  So how hard could it be? I was pretty ruthless. Fortunately, this one is doing great.  But … Continue reading Pruning Life

The Portable Home

Over the past two years my concept of home has been dismantled one roofing shingle, one 2 by 4, one new window at a time.  It's been curious and painful and enlightening all at once. As every load of debris went dump bound, every piece of sheet rock was man-handled to the second floor, every plastic tote … Continue reading The Portable Home


Mostly I'm a point A to point B person.... as in, we have a long way to go so let's go.  Now. I'm not your best choice as a shopping partner.  I can fake that I like shopping for a while... a short while.  Typically I have a list and that's the reason I'm at the store.  … Continue reading Renewal

My First 21 Days… Cause You’ve Got To Start Somewhere

One of those sideways days… today. It was also my first day of 21 days.  No, I’m not going to post something for 21 days like I did for 31 days in October… I’m going to change something in 21 days. And I might post about it occasionally. “They” say if you do something for … Continue reading My First 21 Days… Cause You’ve Got To Start Somewhere

Standing On An Even Place

I don't belong to either major political party.  I have voted for candidates in almost every party.  I even voted for Ross Perot... twice!  But I must say... last election day really shook up my conservative self.  I managed to not eat the chocolate chips in the freezer... then went to bed early.  I feel pretty good now. The first presidential election … Continue reading Standing On An Even Place

How He Makes a Home

We've lived here almost one year now... still living out of boxes.  Should I still feel like I'm living in a motel room? It's not my place to decorate or make wholesale change because, in a sense, I'm a guest.  I keep clean, keep safe and keep familiar the surroundings of the one we care for. But what … Continue reading How He Makes a Home

The best thing I learned this summer

As my husband might say, “I have a case of the fall-a-parts”. Things have been breaking loose, you know... a summer of being undone. The last couple months have been full of things I've never experienced before... - cancelled a very important trip for an emergency tooth extraction - lost all my credit cards and didn't … Continue reading The best thing I learned this summer

How I Can Look Like A Rusty Tractor

The man has a knack for spotting old things stuck in the bushes… along a road… in someone’s driveway… out in the middle of no-where. He catches a glimpse... of a headlight, a tail light amongst the branches, a rusty fender… and more often than not it ends up in our yard. Last weekend’s acquisition is … Continue reading How I Can Look Like A Rusty Tractor