motherly imperfections

  ... taking an extra-large "mother's cut" of Easter candy before filling your baskets ... needing a "sweat rag" to hold while teaching you to drive ... making up excuses not to take you places because I didn't feel like it ... making up excuses because I was afraid ... serving you fish sticks, French fries and corn... all in one meal … Continue reading motherly imperfections

encouragement to grow on

One advantage of having your parents live with you is tapping into their memories.  And your mother's photo album. These are my grandparents, Dan and Gladys, holding my mom.  So this must have been 1927-ish. It's fun to see my grandmother standing on the California beach where I grew up, sporting a bathing suit.  Might have been a … Continue reading encouragement to grow on

hope and time

Time is moving on. I'm still mourning the end of Downton Abbey.  I wasn't finished with it yet.  There will be no familiar theme music at 9pm tonight.  I'll just have to deal with it. And Daylight Savings Time started today.  Spring Forward. I lost one precious hour and do not like it.  I know I'll … Continue reading hope and time

What you left me…

She was born 138 years ago. Married at 19. Died at 95. In between the beginning and ending she raised five children, kept home with none of the conveniences we take for granted, was an accomplished pianist and did fine needlework.  She survived the 1906 San Francisco earthquake while pregnant with her oldest daughter. She worked hard, … Continue reading What you left me…


A mom can find her kid. Even in a crowd. I could find Andrew on the football field by watching for arms and legs. I can spot Daniel by the sound of his laugh. And Ian’s voice draws my attention. Much like his dad’s, it's distinctive and pleasing.  And as with Andrew, if he's moving, I can find … Continue reading Found

Beauty and Grace and Seedless Green Grapes

I perched on the edge of the pool in all my 13 year-old gawkiness... poised to dive head first.  My wet hair and wet suit had long since dried.  I was a wreck. I wanted to jump.  She said I had to jump.  But I just couldn’t jump.  Irrational fear flooded my mind.  Arms and … Continue reading Beauty and Grace and Seedless Green Grapes

Connections ~ Wirelessly Delivered to the Heart

Last week I wrote of the recent road trip to visit family.  One evening I joined my parents, sister and niece for dinner at a favorite Mexican restaurant in downtown Auburn.  It’s right close by the old gold miner.   And it was the last place I ever took my grandparents before Papa died. The place had … Continue reading Connections ~ Wirelessly Delivered to the Heart

Connections ~ From The Road

A couple of weeks ago I headed south... just a quick trip to check in with my folks and help with tax paperwork. Over the years driving has become my least favorite thing, especially when I'm alone.  But staying connected to family is one of my most favorite things, so I get in the car.  From the rural … Continue reading Connections ~ From The Road

How He Makes a Home

We've lived here almost one year now... still living out of boxes.  Should I still feel like I'm living in a motel room? It's not my place to decorate or make wholesale change because, in a sense, I'm a guest.  I keep clean, keep safe and keep familiar the surroundings of the one we care for. But what … Continue reading How He Makes a Home

A Perspective on Coming and Going

Grandsons in the morning before school.... "but I don't want you to go" "I'm sorry buddy, but I have to go to school" "but why" "because I have to learn" "about your letters and the alphabet?" "yeah" ...meanwhile... an hour away on the other side of town.... another grandson leaves for his very first day of Kindergarten... … Continue reading A Perspective on Coming and Going