the day after… plus a week

It was a very good thing to have a place to go that morning.  The presidential election had robbed me of sleep but I didn't want to keep looking at the blood bath on social media.  Besides, I wanted to see if the real world was still out there.  According to news reports, life was … Continue reading the day after… plus a week

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Escape

Outside, I walk and breathe… fresh air… a little quiet. Sometimes I sit in my car... it’s the one thing here with my name on it and “I can sit here if I want to”, my bratty self says. Inside, we are prisoners... she of her mind... me of her space... ... both of her … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Escape

Love’s new definition

The other team had color-coordinated everything... and classy coolers full of ridiculously healthy snacks. Our team at least had matching red jerseys (kind of), juice boxes and homemade cookies... plus a lot of spunk. The other team had cute, little girl cheerleaders. Our team had two scrappy boys who decided to cheer-lead for their brother. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I love that my sons stick up for each other.  They'd … Continue reading Love’s new definition

i do not love her….

Nine and one-half months I have lived in this house that is not mine... well long enough to birth a baby. But what has been birthed here? A lot of days go quiet, but she can't seem to hold the ugly in forever and let's it fly.  And I want to fly... away. I told him the other night, … Continue reading i do not love her….

Do all roads lead home?

I've been gone a few days.  I've been "home" for a couple. Writing has eluded me.  My mind is overloaded and my heart is sad. Family and love call me south.  Family and obligation call me north. It looks like Interstate 5 and my trusty car will get a work out this summer.  And that's ok... ... … Continue reading Do all roads lead home?

Five Minute Friday: Light

I lightly swat the lady bug from the blinds... they split and tear open.  Great, one more thing to replace. Health issues out of the blue... my mother, a son.  Miles separate and all I can do is pray.  All I can do.  Or is it the most I can do? And today of all days... the one I'm … Continue reading Five Minute Friday: Light

Five Minute Friday: Brave

Linking today with Gypsy Mama where one word is our prompt... write for five minutes, no over-thinking, no backtracking, no editing.  Here we go.... ................BRAVE I don't know what's out there anymore... it's fuzzy and gray. How can I be this old and suddenly not know where I'm going.  I like to plan... to have a plan.  … Continue reading Five Minute Friday: Brave

A House or A Home

I've always defined the word house as a generic building people live in. I've always defined home as the place you go at night, where you feel safe... where you belong. Presently, in my mind anyway, we have both a house and a home.  And both of them gave me a great workout this weekend. The … Continue reading A House or A Home

Opening Up

Last weekend we tore up the floor in an upper bedroom.  Truthfully, I didn’t actually do the tearing up… I just did the odd jobs, clean-up, took pictures and kept the coffee going. We’ve owned that house for 23 years.  For 23 years my husband said “I will tear up that floor and find out … Continue reading Opening Up

On Boots ‘n’ Pooh ‘n’ Writing

I've had a problem getting words on paper lately.  It's been a problem for a while actually... started last October when my life changed so dramatically. My bossy inner critic keeps telling me I have nothing to say - to just keep quiet.  The word police have arrested me.... "you can't say that".  So in the effort to push … Continue reading On Boots ‘n’ Pooh ‘n’ Writing