Five Minute Friday: Light

I lightly swat the lady bug from the blinds… they split and tear open.  Great, one more thing to replace.

Health issues out of the blue… my mother, a son.  Miles separate and all I can do is pray.  All I can do.  Or is it the most I can do?

And today of all days… the one I’m charged to take care of… the one I put myself aside for… hammers with ugly words.

Today of all days…

… the day believers try to comprehend what You did for us

… the day we wonder why You did for us.

Unworthiness overwhelms.

Yet light finds its way in – thru torn blinds, thru any opening it finds.

And I acknowledge that my set aside life for her is nothing, absolutely nothing, in comparison to the setting aside You did on that tree… for all… for me.

“As  the Father has loved me, so have I loved you.  Now remain in my love” John 15:9

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