Writing Honestly – or – Writing, Honestly?

I am amazed at how hard this is… once I’ve made a decision and a committment to do something… how hard it is to do.

On March 1st I joined an accountability group of writers to set goals for the book I’ve wanted to write for twenty years.

First off… just saying I joined a group of writers sounds silly to me.  I do love to write.  I write alot, actually.  But I’ve never described myself as “writer”.  Maybe that’s part of my problem.

So for the month of March we’re supposed to work off the list of goals we established, then check in to encourage,  to be encouraged, to be accountable.

I started off great with the goals.  

Life got a little busy on the weekend, but these things happen. 

Yesterday was good – – ideas were pouring out of me faster than I could write them down. 

Once I’d gathered the bits and pieces of writing I’d done over the years, I was amazed at the volume of it.

So today I was going to tighten up my outline and put all my new ideas from yesterday in order.

But what am I doing?? 

Well, I had to pay bills this morning, so did that.  I ate breakfast and cleaned up the kitchen.  I read several blogs.  I checked email.  I made a healthy lunch.  Then I grabbed a handful of pretzels to stuff in my mouth.  Then I tried out a garbage disposal cleaning packet that is supposed to make it smell all fresh and lovely….. 

…… it still doesn’t smell lovely.

But am I writing?  No.  I have all these fantastic ideas scribbled on two notebook pages and it’s like I’m afraid to do anything with them.

I’m going downstairs right now and take over the dining room table, spread out my notebooks, get a couple large pieces of craft paper and plot out this book.

Then for the next couple days I’ll flesh out the outline – my writing roadmap – so I know where I’m going. 

By the end of March, I will have 10,000 additional words added to this book of mine.  That’s why I have that date countdown running on the left side of this blog.

There will be lots of writing to do after March… this is just to get the ball rolling.

So, no more talking about it.  No more mindless eating because I know what I should be doing, but not doing.  And no more garbage disposal tom-foolery, or tom-cleanery. 

Just the book.

I will do this thing.

6 thoughts on “Writing Honestly – or – Writing, Honestly?

  1. That’s a lot of words by the end of March, but go for it!! I know exactly what you are talking about, all the other things, instead of writing. It’s good to list them like you did and “see” what you are actually doing. Not what you’d planned. Again, I do this all the time, too. I have a story I’m writing over the next four months, broken down, planned out over the weeks. It’s scary, but exciting to see actual words filling the page. Go girl!


  2. Thanks for encouraging. 10,000 words is probably too ambitious, but I believe I can do it. I already had an outline, but I just got a huge piece of poster board and just mapped out the book over again. My old outline is history. I’m getting excited because I can see this coming together:) And best writing wishes to you too!!


  3. Brooke, I know you will do it! Not just because you told the MM community you would, but because this is something you want to do. If you start to worry about “having” to do it for the wrong reasons, fear of starting, fear of failing, will immobilize you. Just enjoy the luxury of giving yourself time to do this thing you’ve wanted to do for so long. Give yourself permission to indulge your dream, and enjoy the process.

    I recommend you don’t “over plan”, but once you know your direction just start writing. Even if you change the beginning later (and most of us do), let it be a place to jump in and start accumulating those words. Say a prayer and begin! 🙂


    1. Thanks so much, Carol. Good advice on the over planning. I do tend to do alot of that in life just generally speaking. Truthfully, following your blog for awhile has really encouraged me. So, pray and begin 🙂


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