Going, going, gone….

I’m leaving my sunny deck for a few days…

Visiting a son I’ve been missing for far too long…

Seeing a state I’ve never been to before…

There will be pictures to take, people to meet and good food to eat.  And…

“I will let love be my guide”…Ephesians 5:2

7 thoughts on “Going, going, gone….

  1. That’s a pretty deck to be leaving behind, but it sounds like you have good reasons for going. Have a wonderful time and bring back lots of pictures to share.


  2. Have a wonderful, relaxing trip! Enjoy your guys.
    I am checking out for a few weeks, too – moving to Colorado! My husband has been working on this move for a year, and the job finally fell int to place. Now, just find a house, pack this one up…still many, many lessons for traveling lighter!
    Until next time…


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