Mom, Where am I?

So after you’ve announced you’re leaving your job…what next??

First you work really hard to get to that last day.  You anticipate and plan for the new, different, good and strange things looming in your future.  But at the moment, I find life a little odd.

I’ve discovered that when you step out of the predictable status quo…some folks get “disturbed”.  Feathers ruffle.  Feelings go wonky.  To borrow a great word from a friend – they start “awful-izing”.

When my feelings are wonky it’s usually because I don’t see the whole picture.  So I’m hoping the feather ruffling and feeling wonkiness will dissipate.  Clarity is out there to be found.

But last night as I pondered how a simple plan of action can get so convoluted….it reminded me of a son and a new driver’s license.

He worked part-time after school just five minutes down the road from my office.  And so, I was very surprised to get a phone call one afternoon and hear him say, “Mom, where am I”.

I thought he was joking.  I thought he was five minutes down the road.

But since he had a driver’s license, his employer had him deliver parts to another business location….in the big city!

He had never driven alone outside our small town.  And now he had driven up the interstate???  In traffic??  No-o-o-o-o-o!

Somehow on the way back he got confused, took an off ramp and ended up at a gas station.  I knew how to help him once back on the freeway, but I wasn’t sure how to get him there.

A quick chat with the station manager and a call back to me, got him headed home.  I was a wreck.  But he made it and ultimately, it was a good learning experience.  (probably more for me!)

It was one of those things where I thought I knew where he was… but he wasn’t really where I thought.  And he could see where he was… but didn’t truly know where he was.  Thinking you know, but not really.  Thinking you see, but not clearly.

Anyway, here’s hoping ruffled feather friends will soon see and know.  In the meantime, I go forth…

…because I must.  I had a truck full of empty boxes this morning.  Now I have a porch full of empty boxes to be filled with stuff.  My living room is full of boxes already full of stuff.

And visions of yard sales dance in my head…. for next weekend.

3 thoughts on “Mom, Where am I?

  1. Hi Brooke, sorry I haven’t been keeping current with comments – not sure what “state” I’m in some days (Colorado today). Seems to be a summer of changes. A second daughter is moving out this summer in a few weeks…husband predicting a job change…maybe a location (state) change for us, too…love your words, “wonkiness,” feather ruffling,” and I have to admit, I am terribly good at “awful-izing.” Will be lots of fun to see where all this goes, comparing notes along the way. Happy Adventuring!


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