Five Minute Friday: Good-Bye

…linking today with Gypsy Mama, writing for five minutes, the word: good-bye

I’ve said good-bye in airports, on tarmacs, on the street in front of my house, in hospital rooms, over the telephone, in an email.

Said good-bye to my parents, wondering when I would see them again…

Held my grandfather’s hand in his hospital room… his grip still strong… until he left for his real home…  with God.

Good-bye to sons leaving for college… leaving for new married life… leaving for war…

I never know what else to say… to make the good-bye better.  I smile so big my cheeks hurt… try to be a little goofy… deflect the pain.  I desperately don’t want to cry.  But really…

…I want to make a scene and cry a lot.  I want to say, “do you know how much I love you… do you really know what you mean to me?”

This week I’ve been studying the gospel of John.  In several chapters Jesus is preparing his disciples for what will happen.  He’s saying good-bye.

This morning I read chapter 17.  He’s no longer talking to the disciples, but rather to his Father.  And he asks the Father to “keep and care for them”.

I guess there really are no good words for good-bye.  Just hugs and a kiss and a prayer, “Father…keep them and care for them”.

7 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Good-Bye

  1. I am terrible at good-byes. Lots of tears, not able to laugh and deflect the pain. Even in movies, if it’s a good-bye scene, I am a basket case…ridiculous, but true. Love your thoughts on John 17. The Lord does prepare us, guide us, “keep and care for [us].” Good words, full of memories and hope.


    1. Oh, I don’t think it’s ridiculous to be a basket case… in the case of saying good-bye:) Yes, John 17 really got me this morning. I thought it amazing how even Jesus could, in the end, only turn to the Father and ask him to care for these earthly loved ones. I can’t even explain it well…it was just one of those goose-bumpy moments as I was reading:) Thanks, Maureen:)


  2. Sometimes I want to make a scene too, but for the sake of T1 and T2 I don’t. Oh I don’t hide my tears–they know I miss DH–but I do reign it in and avoid the drama. Good post.


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