Unwrappable Gift

This is Five Minute Friday and the word is….. Gift

… freakish spring snowstorm, but the blossoms survive

… hearing mom’s voice on the phone

… sons

… two tall coffees and the long ride home in his pick-up truck

… pick-up trucks

… little boys eating pizza, little girls eating cupcakes… and the daughters-in-law who make it all possible

… the second chance God gave me….. again… and again… and again……

9 thoughts on “Unwrappable Gift

  1. Life is so full of gifts, isn’t it? I still have my complainy, grumpy days, though, when I forget to see all that is around me. Or, I would choose things to be otherwise. Really, though, there is so much now, here, as it is. Soooo grateful for all those second chances to be grateful! As you said, again and again and again!


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