Five Minute Friday: Community

Joining with the “community” at Gypsy Mama today – write for five minutes, no over thinking, just write.  The word – community.

I’ve never liked the word community. It feels uncomfortable. So I thought I’d skip this challenge. But it won’t skip me.

All my life the family community has filled my time… the family born from and the family birthed. But family changes and evolves… as it should. And that leaves a growing, empty space… not a bad space, just empty.

My job outside the home, church, volunteer time… all these come with community, if you let it.  It’s always been a struggle to just “let it”.

I don’t like the word community because I don’t think I’m good at it.

It’s hard to look in someone’s eyes and get beyond, “oh, I’m fine – how about you”.  Sometimes I can, but too often don’t.

I think about the great faiths, great organizations, people who make a difference.  They obviously said more than “I’m fine – how about you”.

I need this uncomfortable thing.  Because I think that’s what we’re here for.

Otherwise – what’s the point?

8 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Community

      1. I had to laugh when you said you were going to skip it, then it wouldn’t let you go. I was going to skip it, too. Then, a couple of times when I sat down to write, one of the guys needed something, or came and sat at the desk to talk, or the timer went off for the cooking in the kitchen…family and home trumped. But, I am learning and enjoying more of community and friendship here (and still keeping up with family)


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