The Mystery of Raising Children

How did this little boy…

… become this hard-working man

… and this daddy of three?

Photo courtesy of Courtney

At birth I held each son and wondered…

….. what will you look like?

….. what kind of man will you be?

….. what will you do in this world?

And I just trusted God.

Four brothers = lots of trusting.

Valdez, Alaska

I didn’t care what they did for a living… just that they loved it and did it well.

I didn’t care about the hair styles, the music of the day or who “started it first”… I simply cared, that at the end of the day, they would love each other and God.

And today… a milestone birthday for this youngest son of mine… I can’t think about any of them without the words – honor, integrity, love – floating to the surface.

And it’s all the more a mystery because I know the mistakes I made.

I mean, how could I do so many things so wrong and they still turn out so right?

God… the only one who could orchestrate this mystery miracle so perfectly.

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