Weekly Photo Challenge ~ From Above

A photo taken from above… I can never pick just one…

…. where the Klondike and Yukon Rivers meet at Dawson City



…. where grown-up sons play at the beach 



…. and “Wheel Barrow Boy”


WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

19 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge ~ From Above

  1. Great perspective for all of these, Brooke! Somewhere I have a similar photo taken from the lookout at Dawson City. It’s a fascinating city.


    1. Thanks, Carol. It is a fascinating place for sure. I actually have a better shot of that particular view taken from the other side of the rivers on a hill above Dawson, but realized it is an “old fashioned” print taken on a non-digital camera and I’ve never scanned it into the computer! Time for a new scanner. Have alot of photos to process 🙂


      1. Mine is undoubtedly a non-digital version, too… taken many years ago. Fortunately I do have a scanner, but just having one doesn’t get the photos scanned! LOL. I should make time to do something with all those old photos soon.


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