i hear you…

Perhaps the most satisfying way of connection... ... being heard by another. Weekly WordPress Photo Challenge : Connected

A Collection of Days

Today was a good day. Every day is a good day.  I choose it to be.  The alternative is unacceptable. Every day is a good day even when there's too much work, my knee is stiff, and I must cook dinner for the 80 millionth time (slight exaggeration). Even the day that arrives with unseen pressure lightens when I remember …

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Symbols that move me forward

It's hard to escape symbols lately.  They are thrust in your face every time the TV news comes on.  And as we all know, symbols can get a body worked up.  And cause frustration.  And misunderstanding.  And turn one against another. So I've been looking for symbols that are life-giving.  Not life sapping. Because I am a little sapped.  Which does not …

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Threshold of a New Day

Most every day starts in the very same room... at the very same window... sipping coffee from the very same mug.  And it's always early because I don't want to miss a moment... not one moment as the sky lights up before me. Some mornings, like this one, there's no choice but to throw on coat over pajamas and head out …

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

I wish I could capture the day beginning... the sky opening... what I see on my early riser mornings with first cup of coffee.  But that would take a different kind of photography, way beyond my skill level.  Plus, I'd have to get dressed and go outside! A close second to that wish is a day captured last …

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Weekly Photo Challenge ~ In The Background

My son, Ian, under the wing of the plane he takes care of... like a baby... he loves it... he really, really loves it.. Can mice get into a car?  Thought I heard scratching sounds on the way home from the post office...  sending the husband in to do a "mouse-sweep"! And in honor of …

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Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Escape

Outside, I walk and breathe… fresh air… a little quiet. Sometimes I sit in my car... it’s the one thing here with my name on it and “I can sit here if I want to”, my bratty self says. Inside, we are prisoners... she of her mind... me of her space... ... both of her …

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Weekly Photo Challenge ~ From Above

A photo taken from above... I can never pick just one... .... where the Klondike and Yukon Rivers meet at Dawson City ~~~~~ .... where grown-up sons play at the beach  ~~~~~ .... and "Wheel Barrow Boy" WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Culture

....a slice of rural culture... (Click on any photo to see it larger) WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge