Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections


I wish I could capture the day beginning… the sky opening… what I see on my early riser mornings with first cup of coffee.  But that would take a different kind of photography, way beyond my skill level.  Plus, I’d have to get dressed and go outside!

A close second to that wish is a day captured last week.  The husband and I drove to a place where the big river meets the bigger sea… and found a park we’d never seen before.

He, typically, walked straight thru to the other side, snapping panoramic photos of the water and the sand dunes.

I, typically, stayed inside photographing an old building… pawed thru a patch of clover to find a four-leafed one.

But when I stepped into the gazebo, I felt the words…. Look Beyond…

Light.  Wide open space.  Possibility.

Breathing room… where thoughts untangle and fear melts.

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9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

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  2. Hey! How about we both sit in the shade with our backs to the railing, legs stretched out in front and chat away the hours? Great place, great photo with lots of perspective. And we need that sometimes, don’t we?


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