Threshold of a New Day

Most every day starts in the very same room… at the very same window… sipping coffee from the very same mug.  And it’s always early because I don’t want to miss a moment… not one moment as the sky lights up before me.

Some mornings, like this one, there’s no choice but to throw on coat over pajamas and head out to it.

In quiet, in peace, I wait in expectation….

my soul waits for the Lord more than watchmen for the morning ~~Psalm 130:6




~~~Weekly Photo Challenge~~~

9 thoughts on “Threshold of a New Day

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  3. It is the best time of the day – fresh, new, probably no mistakes made yet! – and time to breathe and ponder and be grateful that we do have a new day to face. Love the photo, but my guess is what you saw was even more spectacular. There is something more in a sunrise than a photo can catch. As you said, I think it’s the expectation…


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