Weekly Photo Challenge ~ In The Background

My son, Ian, under the wing of the plane he takes care of… like a baby… he loves it… he really, really loves it..


Can mice get into a car?  Thought I heard scratching sounds on the way home from the post office…  sending the husband in to do a “mouse-sweep”!

in the window

And in honor of Memorial Day, my son David… March 2004 return from second combat deployment. (arrow above his head)  I got the faintest glimpse of him from a distance.  Though I hate crowds and have never pushed my way thru one… I did this time.  I love the misty sea of soldiers… the band behind them with tubas held high.  Home at last…

home again

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21 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge ~ In The Background

  1. Creative photos for this theme – love it! Hope he didn’t find any mice…a friend once said she had a whole community of uncles aunts and cousin mice move into her car. ugh. And David, in the background, doing his part. I always had a terrible time picking out the familiar faces in a sea of uniforms. To him, an enormous thank you!


    1. Thanks, Maureen. That was the only time I was able to pick any of the boys out of the sea of uniforms. I just kind of held the camera out and snapped, hoping I would catch something 🙂 So far we haven’t found any mice in the car… ewww! They’ve been in the workshop, just hoping they haven’t been looking to take a trip in my vehicle!


  2. Ideal photos for the theme, Brooke! Very nice! Glad to hear your son is back. And yes, mice can get into vehicles! We’ve had them in our truck twice, both when it had been left in the driveway instead of the garage. DH found a nest of Kleenex bits under the back seat but fortunately no babies. The adults were caught via a trap. They nibbled through a plastic bag of dog biscuits in the glovebox and through the foil wrap on a granola bar. Now I don’t leave food of any kind in there!


  3. The mice in the car sounds awful. Thanks for the tip and I will no longer leave snacks in the car! It is amazing how they can get into things and find such obscure things as dog biscuits in the glove box!!


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