making the climb, hanging on

With a baby there are sleepless nights, diapers to change and constant feedings.  The mess they make is contained to a relatively small space. With a helpless, aging adult there are sleepless nights, diapers to change and the challenge to find ways to feed them adequately when they've forgotten how to use knife and fork. … Continue reading making the climb, hanging on

loving little sons

They slid quietly onto the benches looking much like we did when we first arrived. Red-faced with sweat dampened hair, three teenage girls took an open bench for themselves. Mom and two small boys, maybe 5 and 8, took a seat behind them on a bench already occupied.  Somehow the three of them squished into … Continue reading loving little sons

morning ritual

Lately I've been obsessed with the best way to start my day. I've listened to podcasts and read some books. I want to pray more effectively.  I want to add physical exercise to my morning.  And I need to get as much done as early as I can because my senior citizen status overtakes me every … Continue reading morning ritual

narrow bands of time

Last weekend we made the familiar 10 hour drive south.  Since my husband and I wouldn't see my uncle until the next day and there were no motel rooms available anyway, we drove the extra hour into San Francisco. That choice gave us dinner at a favorite restaurant, and an unseasonably affordable, beautiful hotel room … Continue reading narrow bands of time

Perspective Powered

Flower baskets have been particularly lovely this year.  There in the picture I snapped was the tree lined hill in the distance.  All the beauty God gives to us for free.  And I almost missed it because I didn't feel like planting baskets. Glad I did it anyway. Wind blowing my hair, river rolling it's … Continue reading Perspective Powered

A Remembrance

The name may sound similar, as in the outlaw from back in the day, but Jesse Jamison was actually a blacksmith in mid-1800's Indiana. I think I know how Elon, his mother, felt when he enlisted in the 66th Indiana Volunteers. When your child chooses the military way, you live with a mixture of pride … Continue reading A Remembrance

the full heart life

Two team members are dead. The third rests against a tree, mortally wounded.  His last words are to tell his wife how much he loves her, "and that I died with my brothers...with a full heart" From the movie Lone Survivor. The scene and those words are stuck in my head. What does it mean to die with … Continue reading the full heart life

seeing thru the smoke

My husband and I like fresh air. The good news is we both love the house filled with fresh air. The bad news is we have varying criteria, methods and internal thermostats. I may be feeling perfectly comfortable when he will suddenly fling wide the front and back doors.  While this creates a lovely wind tunnel effect … Continue reading seeing thru the smoke

motherly imperfections

  ... taking an extra-large "mother's cut" of Easter candy before filling your baskets ... needing a "sweat rag" to hold while teaching you to drive ... making up excuses not to take you places because I didn't feel like it ... making up excuses because I was afraid ... serving you fish sticks, French fries and corn... all in one meal … Continue reading motherly imperfections

staying the course…

Saying "no" to a slice of thickly frosted, gooey chocolate cake can make you feel dazed and confused... Staying open to love, when there's a choice to judge, feels risky... Completing the project, the one they want, the one you want to quit, taps every reserve you have... But you will feel better in the … Continue reading staying the course…