there is more

There's a reason I'd never be a good reporter or travel writer. It's because I am a slow processor.  I'm a ponderer.  A million sights, sounds and experiences mill around in my head.  They marinate there until they can be processed through the heart and out onto paper (or screen). I planned to blog on … Continue reading there is more

the long haul

Yesterday marked our first full week on the road.  It's been great.  It's also been hard. Much of the time it felt like the steep grade on highway 140 in eastern Oregon.  We made it but not without a great deal of sweat and wringing of hands...well, that was mostly me.  This first week was … Continue reading the long haul

our yes and our no

I have said "no" when it was clearly the right thing.  I've also said "yes" to what should have been a clear "no" believing I could make it work anyway...with varying results. I've said "yes" when it was clearly the right thing.  I've also said "no" to what should have been a clear "yes" believing … Continue reading our yes and our no

on right timing and right people

My Dad died on May 1st. I made, as they say, "final arrangements" for him on May 3rd.  And walked out of the funeral home with a veteran's flag and his wedding ring. It didn't feel like a fair exchange.  Not fair at all. My Dad was a good man and there is much I'd … Continue reading on right timing and right people

the day after… plus a week

It was a very good thing to have a place to go that morning.  The presidential election had robbed me of sleep but I didn't want to keep looking at the blood bath on social media.  Besides, I wanted to see if the real world was still out there.  According to news reports, life was … Continue reading the day after… plus a week

how faith and politics can come together

Judas betrayed Jesus. Jesus was crucified. Judas hung himself. And the 12 apostles became 11. How confused and overwhelmed they must have been.  For three years Judas had eaten with them, slept with them, traveled with them, watched Jesus walk on water with them. How could he do this thing? As they waited and wondered … Continue reading how faith and politics can come together

light on the horizon

I don't have words for this space lately.  At least not words fit to publish. Maybe it's media overload.  Maybe it's storms and loss and hurting people.  Maybe it's too much political trash talk. All I know is last Friday, Doug and I took the long way home after a few days away from normal. … Continue reading light on the horizon


When I make myself sit still long enough, I love to watch the wind in the tree tops.  It's peaceful and calming. There are people in life like that, like wind in tree tops. Walter was one. Thinking about him now, I'm a little embarrassed that I didn't know more facts of his life, like … Continue reading Walter

the case for sensible shoes… and freedom

My mother is struggling to find comfortable shoes.  Therefore, I am struggling to help her find comfortable shoes.  Sore feet do not make for happy people.  And we need to find some happy around here! She finds shoes in catalogs.  I order them online.  We go shopping once a week and come home with more.  Sometimes … Continue reading the case for sensible shoes… and freedom

loving grown-up sons

Awhile back I wrote of the ease and sweet memories of loving little sons.  Loving grown-up sons is more complicated.  Maybe not so much the loving as the letting go. Their adult lives have been shaped by experiences I have not lived and do not understand.  They have wives and children, careers, friends and activities … Continue reading loving grown-up sons