Weekly Photo Challenge ~ A Day In My Life

Living in a rural community, caregiving for one well into her 90s… doesn’t lend itself to daily excitement.

When I look back on days of raising a family and earning a paycheck, I didn’t think that time was exciting either.  Yet now I see my best memories tucked within them.

I’ve no idea how I will look back on these caregiving days.  I only know this time needs to count.  So for better or worse here is this day of my life……

With the husband to hold down the fort, I shopped at the grocery store and the hardware store and gazed longingly at plants I need to fill hanging baskets… but they must wait for payday.  Then I drove back the miles thru farmland.

And I suppose it would not be good to admit I took those pictures while driving.  OK.  I won’t admit it.

Then I entered the tiny town we live in, population 680… and about fifteen seconds later exited at the other end.  We feel fortunate to still have a post office.

At home I pulled in the garbage can, unloaded the car, did the laundry, contemplated a new sewing project, then had a sweet Peep treat as I ironed the shirts.  Peeps are from my sister.  She knows what I like.

Yes, I fixed dinner and cleaned up the mess.  But didn’t feel like taking pictures of that.  Cooking is not my favorite thing and is best gotten over with.

And I end the day at the place where I connect with the rest of the world… virtually for now.  Maybe someday for real.


WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

17 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge ~ A Day In My Life

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  3. Linda Bolt

    I like reading/seeing your “quiet” life. I lead mostly a quiet life, too. I think each stage of life brings its own precious memories.


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  7. I’m loving your day’s photo journal, Brooke. My whole week has been mundane with quiet daily routines, but I’ve reached a point in my life where I relish this pace. Earlier years may have been more interesting but they were often chaotic, too. Now I’m seeing the truth in Ecclesiastes 3:1… a season for all things.


  8. Hi Brooke, finally catching up from all the chaos of the last two weeks – family visits, holidays, and a new grandson. I had to laugh – at the moment I am longing for a mundane day. Hard to satisfy, aren’t we?! As you said, though, the key is making this time count. Did you make that denim quilt? Cute!


    1. I can well imagine you’d like a mundane day! What a busy time you’ve had. Thanks…yes, I did make the quilt a long time ago. I intended to put patches on it from the various military units one son served in, special awards, etc….. but that hasn’t happened yet. He’s only been in the army 17 years, so I’ve got a couple more to get it finished 🙂 Talk about procrastination!!!


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