Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Color

……what colors my corner of the world……

…..what colors my life…..


WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Color

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  2. You have geraniums blooming already? A twinge of jealousy -we have a big snow storm predicted. I did see blossoms on a few trees today, and some trees are showing their first tint of green. Love the colorful faith book. Expecting God to accomplish the miracle of spring…


    1. Ummmm, I actually bought the geranium from the nursery. (Wish I could take credit for growing it, but can’t 😦 ) It’s still pretty grey and rainy here, but warm enough for the trees to start budding and some flowers to grow. I also wait in expectation of the miracle of spring 🙂 Hope your snow storm blows away quickly.


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  4. Wonderful colours! I like the assortment of fabrics. I tend to buy yardage because I like the pattern or colour, even when I don’t know what I might make from it. I finally donated a box full of fabric lengths to our church bazaar because I knew I would never get around to making anything out of them! But I sure hated parting with them!

    (That’s a good definition of faith, too.)


    1. I love to buy fabric! Although I can’t give in to that like I used to:) When my parents visited over Christmas my mom and I did the fabric store tour to find some new quilt ideas. Fabric shopping with her is one of my favorite memories of growing up. So I guess it’s time to get started actually making something.


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