Weekly “Phoneography” Challenge ~ My Neighborhood

There is no hustle bustle in my neighborhood.  No bright colors of big city life.  Just the muted tones of land waking up from winter.

In my neighborhood we wait.

Wait for leaves to sprout on mossy limbs… for the hummingbirds… for new growth after pruning.

We wait for new adventure.

And sometimes it’s hard.

To wait.

But I believe.

Today with WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge, we were to take a walk with our phone and capture our neighborhood.  So I used my phone to take the pictures, but I posted them the old-fashioned way.  When I thoroughly read the directions, later, I saw we were to use our phone for the entire posting process.  Obviously I need to read ALL the directions first.  And posting from my phone is a skill yet to be learned.

13 thoughts on “Weekly “Phoneography” Challenge ~ My Neighborhood

  1. Wish I could have walked with you. We are still in very cold – snow predicted tomorrow, but some days the sun feels warm. Looking forward to seeing green sprouts and buds! With you, I believe.


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