Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Lost in the Details

From a trip to Harper’s Ferry… where I was captivated by the stonework… and the life growing within and around.

~~~~~~~~~(Click on any picture for a full size view)~~~~~~~~~


….to a trip up the stairs… and the heart of what home is to me…

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10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Lost in the Details

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  2. I love seeing your ‘heart of the home’ photos! And the stone wall closeups are wonderful. I love the textures and colours that are found in stonework. 🙂


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  4. Those stone walls – they speak of stability and strength, of work that lasts for years beyond those who made them. Families can be like that, too, the smiles lasting beyond those who made them. I pray my home and life can be like that!


    1. Maybe that’s why I loved those stacked stone walls so much…. stability and strength and how that equates to family. I didn’t even think of that until you said it! All I knew was I liked those two groups of photos. Gosh, I love the way you think, Maureen. Thanks 🙂


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