The Portable Home

Over the past two years my concept of home has been dismantled one roofing shingle, one 2 by 4, one new window at a time.  It's been curious and painful and enlightening all at once. As every load of debris went dump bound, every piece of sheet rock was man-handled to the second floor, every plastic tote …

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Weekly “Phoneography” Challenge ~ My Neighborhood

There is no hustle bustle in my neighborhood.  No bright colors of big city life.  Just the muted tones of land waking up from winter. In my neighborhood we wait. Wait for leaves to sprout on mossy limbs... for the hummingbirds... for new growth after pruning. We wait for new adventure. And sometimes it's hard. To wait. But I …

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Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Lost in the Details

From a trip to Harper's Ferry... where I was captivated by the stonework... and the life growing within and around. ~~~~~~~~~(Click on any picture for a full size view)~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ a trip up the stairs... and the heart of what home is to me... Linked with the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge.

How He Makes a Home

We've lived here almost one year now... still living out of boxes.  Should I still feel like I'm living in a motel room? It's not my place to decorate or make wholesale change because, in a sense, I'm a guest.  I keep clean, keep safe and keep familiar the surroundings of the one we care for. But what …

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Do all roads lead home?

I've been gone a few days.  I've been "home" for a couple. Writing has eluded me.  My mind is overloaded and my heart is sad. Family and love call me south.  Family and obligation call me north. It looks like Interstate 5 and my trusty car will get a work out this summer.  And that's ok... ... …

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A House or A Home

I've always defined the word house as a generic building people live in. I've always defined home as the place you go at night, where you feel safe... where you belong. Presently, in my mind anyway, we have both a house and a home.  And both of them gave me a great workout this weekend. The …

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