light on the horizon

I don’t have words for this space lately.  At least not words fit to publish.

Maybe it’s media overload.  Maybe it’s storms and loss and hurting people.  Maybe it’s too much political trash talk.

All I know is last Friday, Doug and I took the long way home after a few days away from normal. It was good and peaceful and rainy.  And I don’t mind the rain.  I’m good with that.

We stopped to eat.  We stopped to shop.  We stopped so I could take a picture here and there.  But mostly I watched the sea.

And eventually, when the rain lifted a bit, I saw the light.

There had to be twenty people milling about the wayside.  When we got back in the car Doug asked if I had a good shot of the lighthouse.

“what lighthouse?”

I was there for the light.

So twenty people are looking at or taking pictures of the lighthouse to the north.  Meanwhile, I am mesmerized by the light in the west.

I’ll take a picture of the lighthouse next time.

Tonight there will be another presidential debate.  And life goes on for millions of Americans who just want to live a good and decent life.

I don’t know what lies ahead for my country, but I do know this:  I serve a God who has more wealth than Donald and more power than Hillary.  My future rests with Him.  And I’m good with that.

Just like I am with the rain.


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