how faith and politics can come together

Judas betrayed Jesus.

Jesus was crucified.

Judas hung himself.

And the 12 apostles became 11.

How confused and overwhelmed they must have been.  For three years Judas had eaten with them, slept with them, traveled with them, watched Jesus walk on water with them.

How could he do this thing?

As they waited and wondered what next to do, Peter spoke of ancient scripture that predicted this very event, and also that they would need to find a replacement for Judas.  Their mission must continue.

The Book of Acts tells us they gathered to pray.  This was a decision they needed to get right.

“you know every heart. Show us which of these men you have chosen as an apostle to replace Judas the traitor in this ministry, for he has deserted us…”  Acts 1: 24,25

….. then they cast lots.

They voted.

When our presidential election cycles occur, our convictions and beliefs bubble to the surface.  We argue with each other at work, at the coffee shop, within our families and even in the church.  Some even join in large, noisy protest.

But when the election is over, most of us go back to “normal” life and assume someone else will carry the torch.  It’s convenient to lay down the battle flag.

I think the disciples’ plan was better.

They prayed.  They voted.  They carried on with their mission.

Perhaps that issue that gets me riled up every four years is actually something I need to get actively involved in.  Maybe there is something that eats at you.

If we took an issue and pressed in on it every day, not just once every four years… if we actually pressed our elected representatives to do what we elected them to do… maybe, just maybe we won’t end up in such an ugly place four years from now.

Pray. Vote. Carry on the mission.







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