light on the horizon

I don't have words for this space lately.  At least not words fit to publish. Maybe it's media overload.  Maybe it's storms and loss and hurting people.  Maybe it's too much political trash talk. All I know is last Friday, Doug and I took the long way home after a few days away from normal. …

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It's overcast today.  Warmish, but not too.  Just the way I like it, actually. I opened all the windows this morning, as always, then sat down with my journal and coffee.  The breeze rolled over me. And so began my list of thanks. I ran through the names which impressed themselves upon me, including the one so far away in a …

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Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Near and Far

From the Oregon coast, a few years back.... to a Kentucky house in the pines..... from a steady shoulder to skydivers .... from clouds to earth.... To view how others see "Near and Far", check out the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge.