How DOES Time Work?

Last weekend was quiet, good actually.

I read two books – one, a story of inspiration and healing from past hurts – the other, a picture of what heaven may be like.

Reading wasn’t all I did – I bought groceries, scrubbed and vacuumed, washed and dried a pile of laundry… even caught up my ironing.

I’m a little embarrassed to show this: Doug’s favorite place to read and watch TV –  his “nest”……………..

….. now looks like this ……………….

…because he was gone most of Saturday.  You’ve got to grab opportunity when it smacks you in the face!

He was slightly disoriented when he came home, a little grumbly because I moved his “stuff”, but he liked the table there.  He better – I had to drag it down a flight of stairs.

And as if that wasn’t enough…I had time to sort old photos, pay a few bills, pack boxes for yard sale, throw out two large bags of “stuff” (hopefully garbage day comes before Doug reads this)… AND… had two long phone conversations with people I love and miss.

I share this not to brag although it felt pretty darn satisfying by the time I packed it in Sunday night– but to share my puzzlement with how time works.

Most Fridays I leave work with a list of to-dos.  Lists make me feel organized …. on the brink of a major productivity breakthrough.

But when I head for work the following Monday morning I am defeated.  The lists are too big, too unrealistic.

Last Friday I had no list at all as I left work.  I was list(less), in more ways than one.

I decided to go with the flow…to read when I wanted…do a “chore” as it seemed logical …and maybe RELAX a little.  It is summer, after all.

Admittedly, I have a problem figuring out how to relax.  I consider “doing things” relaxation – strange as that sounds.  I seriously need to try something different… like splash in the water…

…..or smell the roses (dandelions)…….

……and enjoy what each day brings.  Period.

Oh, and the books read?  Thin Places by Mary E. DeMuth and Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo.  Good stuff….

8 thoughts on “How DOES Time Work?

  1. Ruth

    I read Thin Places, also. I agree, great book! I have a problem relaxing also. There is usually just too much to do! Adorable little boys! Too cute.


  2. i am visiting from multitudes on mondays – i like to try to visit the link on each side of mine, and you are on the left side. 🙂 all that you did seems like a ton for just one weekend! i am the same way with having a hard time with lists being too long and feeling defeated. blessings!

    my recent post: how to dig deep into the Word


  3. Hi Brooke, time is mystifying, I agree. Have you tried the Pomodoro Technique from Michael Hyatt’s blog a week or so ago? (on working in batches). It worked great, but still requires a focused effort, a point where I’ve been falling short this week. Once things get out of kilter it is hard to get it all re-aligned. Keep up the relaxing and the enjoying!


    1. I sure do enjoy his blog. I saw it but glossed over the Pomodoro Technique. I’ve just bookmarked it – – will read! I’ve kind of been paying for last weekend’s productivity with being behind all this week. Clearly I do need a better method – – life gets too crazy otherwise. My job has been demanding this week so have had to let writing go – – but still doing alot of reading. It’s interesting how all this ebbs and flows. I always enjoy your comments, Maureen – – and your blog 🙂


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