Family Fashion Sense

Perhaps I’ve been a little hard on Doug in past posts… especially about his white jeans and sunburn dilemma on a cruise from a few years back.  But honestly, he gives me so much great material to work with.  I can’t help myself.

That said, as a family we have a history of fashion oddities beyond the white jeans.

From the nerd son to the big hat people, we just roll with it…….

There were times growing up, I wasn’t sure if it was safe to invite friends over to my house….

My Dad and, ummm, my Mom

But I can handle a lot, so it didn’t get me down.  I mean after all, I married a man who wore plaid pants………

Notice his black eye?  One word – Ice Hockey.  No idea what was up with my hair, but it was the 70s, you know.  And no, that’s not a tattoo on my wrist, it’s just a flaw in the picture.

This is a tattoo…….

My sons don’t do anything small.  No messing around with a teeny one on the shoulder when you can use your whole torso.

This has been a very busy work week.  I’m worn out.  I am glad I don’t have to think about fashion tomorrow… it’s a jeans and tennis shoes day.

I’m also a little embarrassed having prattled on last Monday about my restful yet productive weekend …. then descending into a total chaos work week.

It all made me feel like running away this afternoon.  I used to do that a lot as a kid.  I was getting ready to leave in this picture….

Sometimes I took a stuffed animal for company.  Once I packed a small suitcase…full of doll clothes.  But I was always up for a photo-op.  Then I walked to the corner and back again.

I miss my wonky pig tails….that was a fashion statement.

2 thoughts on “Family Fashion Sense

  1. Love your photos! That tattoo one gave me a laugh… reminded me of my daughter (another pastor’s wife) who shocked me by getting a moderately small Celtic love knot tattooed at the nape of her neck in commemoration of her 25th wedding anniversary, and then her daughter got a large fish tattoo in the small of her back (she loves the sea… is a surfer, etc.). Later she decided that she didn’t like it, so she had it enhanced by the addition of flowers and colour. It is every bit as large as this one, and quite beautiful. But, so large! I guess it’s called body art… a fashion statement of its own.


    1. Yes, these tattoos on our children can be a bit shocking:) But I love the idea of your daughter’s celtic knot. Wish I’d been braver when I was younger! This particular son’s tattoo – – he is career army. He didn’t get any tattoos for years while other soldier friends had them all over! He wanted to wait and find something special. After his first deployment to Iraq he came home and found that verse on the Clan McGillivray’s website and the cross idea somewhere else. He has something special now….and large:)


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