The Homeless Blog

I was clueless about the world of blogdom, so I started a blog.  I thought it would be good to read up and see what other people do so I knew where to fit in.

I’ve learned a lot in the last few months – at least about what other people do on their blogs.

Some bloggers do a certain type of post on a set day each week…such as a “wordless Wednesday” or a “single photo Friday”.  I don’t think I could do that.  I would need to say something.  The phrase “one picture is worth a thousand words” is a challenge.  I’m going for the thousand words every time!

But I do love photographs.  There are some amazing photography blogs.

There are blogs that teach you things, like how to take photos, how to be a better writer, how to re-finish furniture, how to be organized, a better mom or dad.  Just about anything you want to learn, you can find a blog about.

Recipe blogs are amazing.  I love good food.  I love the mouth-watering pictures.  I am tempted and sometimes drool.  But when it comes to actual cooking, I don’t like that so much.  So every now and then I’ll look at an appealing recipe blog, imagine the fantastic dinner I will fix for Doug, then we sit down to grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup.

I’ve noticed a lot of blogs by young moms.  I am totally amazed at how “together” they seem to be and what a helpful, supportive community they maintain in the blogosphere.  Back in my day, I could barely remember my name, let alone blog about it…if I could remember it.  Times have changed.

I love decorating blogs and travel blogs – so much good information, so little time and money to actually do them.  I read these sparingly.

I keep looking for helpful baby-boomer blogs.  Haven’t found any yet…they are either too depressing – “retirement fund? you mean I was supposed to take care of that?”…or else they think it is still the 60’s and they are still gnarly and cool.  But not.

I’ve been drawn to several inspirational Christian blogs.  I’ve wondered if I should write more like them.  But then I suppose if I wrote like them I wouldn’t be writing like me.  And though I am a Christian who writes, I am not a Christian writer.  There is a difference.

So what I’m getting at is I seem to be homeless in the blog world.  There isn’t a nice, neat niche for me to slide into.  I am niche-less.

I’ve even prayed about my blog homelessness.  And all I get back is this impression to Hush-Listen-Read-Write.  I think my Mom used to say that a lot too…

So that’s what I’m doing….just being me….also thinking it would be nice to take in a boarder who likes to cook… then we can try out those great recipes.

2 thoughts on “The Homeless Blog

  1. I know exactly what you mean. It is encouraging to read of other bloggers who have been blogging since 200[whenever]. A common thread I have noticed is that they found their special niche, their special message, their unique focus AS they blogged. Not many of them seemed to start out with a clear, determined message. It may appear that way, now, but as you say, “keep writing.” Maybe we’ll figure out how to fill that baby-boomer gap.


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