Captain America and other Super Heros

I had lunch with Captain America today….at least that’s what his t-shirt said.

He walked into my office just before noon.  We left for his favorite Mexican restaurant, ate some good food, caught up on each other’s lives, I spilled salsa on my blouse.

Captain America also goes by the name Andrew, sometimes Son.  If a brother is speaking to him he might go by names I can’t bring myself to type.

He is a super hero…as are his brothers.  I raised them that way.  They had no say in the matter.  Here are two of them as budding super heros.  One still has his cape on as proof.

Family together ….always.  You will love your brother!  You will get along!

I think we did a pretty good job……..hanging in there.

All for one and one for all.

Here they are in the “Missing Brother Formation” for Ian’s wedding.  David was in Iraq………

Note the spiffy McGillivray tartan vests…(and besides, I made them…the vests, that is…and well, the boys too).

So basically, all this to say I’m happy for an impromptu lunch with a much loved son.  That it was his idea.  And that he still enjoys talking to his old Ma.  And if any other son wants to strap on his super hero cape and jet on over…I’m available for lunch any day around noon.

I’ll be more careful with the salsa.

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