Thank you, Father, for loving me thru the angry rants I send your way... For soothing the head I beat against the wall of hopelessness... day after day after day. You stand steady and patiently wait for me. You restore. heal. lift up... so I can take another step forward.  Today.

Maxwell the Turkey

I just couldn’t post this before Thanksgiving.  I’m sure you’ll understand why.  And besides, Maxwell is a Christmas story.  And there’s still time to forget this by then. Long ago and far away in Alaska, my husband decided we would raise our own turkey for the holidays.  It would be a good lesson, he said, …

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Epiphany…. I almost missed it

It takes me awhile to process things.  I "mull", I debate inwardly over and over again, which is why I am just now coming to terms with January 1st. January 1st was our family Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years all rolled into one.  A lot of expectation for one little day. It was the day we had most of our kids and …

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Constant Pilgrims

Tradition and continuity... I love them both. Thanksgiving holiday was different this year.  There was no crowd squashed around the table - - only we three.  With all the tumult of moving and change a quiet day was perfectly in order. And I must say... Doug's turkey was outstanding... as was my pumpkin pie.  We do pretty …

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