Constant Pilgrims

Tradition and continuity… I love them both.

Thanksgiving holiday was different this year.  There was no crowd squashed around the table – – only we three.  With all the tumult of moving and change a quiet day was perfectly in order.

And I must say… Doug’s turkey was outstanding… as was my pumpkin pie.  We do pretty well in the kitchen together when we have lots of time and space.  This year we had plenty of both.

These two little pilgrims were the first holiday decorations Doug and I ever bought.  They’ve been a couple as long as we have.  Being tiny little wax people, I think it’s quite amazing.

They started out in San Jose, California about 42 years ago and moved along to Campbell and Cupertino.

Not wanting to miss the adventure they traveled with us to Eagle River,Alaska, then shared our zip codes in Wasilla and Chugiak.

They made the journey, sharing our sadness at leaving the north, back to Oregon.

They’ve met near disaster on occasion – – as have we.  They’ve been partially melted and frozen a time or two.  They’ve become a bit stooped and crinkled.  But then, so have Doug and I.

I love continuity.

2 thoughts on “Constant Pilgrims

  1. There’s something comforting about continuity, isn’t there? I like your sweet little pilgrim couple. I have two candles about the same size that have gone through our entire marriage, too … a little evergreen tree and an angel, both from my husband’s parents’ Christmas collection, that we always stand beside our homemade creche. It’s quite amazing how all four of these candles have survived so long, but maybe it says something about the endurance of well-loved things.

    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Here in Canada ours was six weeks ago, but today begins Advent so we’re beginning to think ahead to Christmas.


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