A Veteran’s Story… short and sweet

  This boy grew up like most others of his day.  He minded his dad and loved his mom.  He studied hard, raced his bike on Seattle streets, and really loved his American Flyer train set.   He grew up and married his high school sweetheart, worked hard, became a dad and most every Christmas of my growing …

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Fog and Light and my crabby, morning self

I like fog. Maybe because I grew up on the Pacific coast, is why.  Rain assaults you, but fog wraps around like a protective layer... it comforts me... it calms me... it reactivates my hair product. I also like to photograph fog.  As you might imagine, some shots aren't too exciting.  But several mornings ago I got a good …

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A mom can find her kid. Even in a crowd. I could find Andrew on the football field by watching for arms and legs. I can spot Daniel by the sound of his laugh. And Ian’s voice draws my attention. Much like his dad’s, it's distinctive and pleasing.  And as with Andrew, if he's moving, I can find …

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after doubt has had it’s way… write

"Honey, I can't stop moving cause I might not get going again", my grandpa often said.  I thought he was talking about going for a walk, or wrangling horses, or making hot dog and parmesan cheese tacos.  Turns out his observation applies to much, much more... Like writing words on paper... which sounds kind of wimpy compared to what he used …

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if you were here….

I would tell you everything will be ok... ...and I'm sorry this injustice has come your way. But it is the way of this imperfect world. I would tell you that no matter how pure your motive or the depth of sacrifice you make... there will be whiners and haters, those who judge, those who twist …

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Foggy Hope

Father, When I can't see thru the fog, when I feel alone on the path... ... help me remember, Your Word lights my way and hugs my heart. Proberbs 3: 5-6

What I Need For a New Start

Christmas lights are off... In fact, all of Christmas is packed away.  The big table's empty and I wonder if it wonders where it's people are? I do. So it's time to press on with the living that still brings more question than answer... ...to battle each day for a sliver of joy. I need to believe there is meaning beyond …

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Following Tractors… and other stuff I learned in July

1 - The days of some months are like trying to catch a greased pig at the county fair... they slip thru your fingers and refuse to be contained in a single word... as in it's been a long time since I've written here. 2 - On the face of the earth there are only …

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Connections ~ That Pull Us Thru

A soldier returned to his home from two back-to-back combat tours in as many years.He returned to family who love him.But he could not relax.  He did not sleep well.  He scrubbed things that didn't need scrubbing.  He organized, arranged, re-arranged and made piles for the dump.  He pressure washed the entire exterior of his home.  He pulled out …

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Thank you, Father, for loving me thru the angry rants I send your way... For soothing the head I beat against the wall of hopelessness... day after day after day. You stand steady and patiently wait for me. You restore. heal. lift up... so I can take another step forward.  Today.