summer is done

It’s time to move on.

I could ramble on about summer vacation memories for a long time, but I’d rather not.  Don’t want to be that online version of the friend who drags out their slides and shows you a million pictures every time you come for a visit.

So here are a few last thoughts that float in my head…

Some things are worth driving across country and back again to experience, like our steak dinner at the Cavalryman in Laramie, Wyoming.  Several years ago we celebrated a son’s graduation there, and it was just as spectacular this time around.

I love places with odd names… Coffee Pot Flat, Oregon… Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.  I would go there just because of the name.  We did.

Kansas gets a bad rap for being flat and boring.  Kansas is beautiful in June.

I love Cracker Barrel restaurants with my whole heart.  And I’m pretty sure they feel the same way about me after I leave their gift shop with what’s left of my debit card.

You find the most interesting things at rest stops… like a dinosaur skeleton in Cheyenne, Wyoming and the Old Town Museum in Burlington, Colorado.

It’s the simple, the old and nature that gets me every time… the deserted motel in Memphis, abundant crepe myrtle and Dot’s Diner in New Orleans, mountains near Wells, Nevada and the Great Smoky Mountains as we crossed over from Tennessee to Cherokee, North Carolina.

Over the years, I’ve purchased several things online from the Scottish Tartan Museum in Franklin, North Carolina.  I’ve always wanted to go there.  And we did.  And it was awesome.  And it was fun to see that Jamison Jewelers sign next door… my maiden name… thinking of my dad… always.

Driving thru big cities makes me crazy.  It was white knuckles all the way and I was just the passenger!  As a result of my little oddity I haven’t a single picture of the Houston area as we rolled thru on I-10.  And now I wonder how our good mechanic friends in Orange, Texas made it thru Hurricane Harvey.  How quickly things change.

God Bless Texas.

The scenery was beautiful, but it was the people, experiences and time with family that mattered most.  I’m not surprised at the stories we hear of stranger helping stranger after Harvey.  Because those are the people we met all across the country.

And lastly, I’m pretty proud of my husband and me.  We made it all the way over and all the way back.  We’re not spring chickens, so I’ve been told.

I think we did pretty good.

And I would do it again.




6 thoughts on “summer is done

  1. When I was maybe 19, I was introduced to travelogues presented in an elegant, old, theater in Baltimore. I loved them. Near or far away exotic, I love to see things beyond me and remember those I’ve visited. Thanks for sharing your adventures, Brooke!


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