Standing On An Even Place

I don’t belong to either major political party.  I have voted for candidates in almost every party.  I even voted for Ross Perot… twice!  But I must say… last election day really shook up my conservative self.  I managed to not eat the chocolate chips in the freezer… then went to bed early.  I feel pretty good now.

The first presidential election I voted in was for Ronald Reagan.  Loved that guy.  I’ve been looking for a candidate with Reagan’s mixture of charisma, common sense and courage…

…  still looking.

This might sound simplistic, but I think folks want a hero.  Someone to swoop in and make it all better.  It would certainly make things easy, but that only happens in fairy tales… or Hollywood.

I can’t do much about America’s big problems.  I can’t even make my husband remember Thursday is trash night.  But I can change me.

Of course, some things don’t need to change… regardless of election outcomes… like the principles and values at the core of my life.  While I’d like to think I’d be brave enough to die for them, I’ve never been tested that way.  But I am honored to know several who have put themselves in harm’s way, not only to stand for their own values, but to protect my right to stand for mine… And I thank you…

… Dad and Doug and David and Andrew… every Veteran… every single one of you.

So as I reflect on the election and what the next four years might bring, some things are coming into focus.

First, I’m glad we don’t live in fairy tale land where a super hero swoops down to fix stuff.  I believe things happen for a reason and God has it firmly in control.

Second, I’m looking at my list of goals… which is actually quite pathetic.  I have tweaked and modified and scratched off and just plain ignored them for too long.  Now that is something to change.

At the end of the next four years… do I want to weigh less, be healthier?  Have finished the book I started writing long ago?  Learned to bake bread?  Ride a zip line?  Or be a better example to my grandchildren, a more effective helper to those in need?  (I have no idea why, but I really, really, really want to ride a zip line)

So the goals need resetting… with concrete plans… and follow thru.  Because I intend to be a stronger me four years from now… regardless of what happens to this country that I love.

From my point of view, real change must start within… within each individual.  I don’t believe it can be legislated… or voted into office.

I love what King David said, “I have walked in integrity… my foot stands on an even place” – from Psalm 26.

My personal integrity… that’s where it starts… with me.  where I live.  today.

4 thoughts on “Standing On An Even Place

  1. Absolutely! We are not going to change the politics of this country. But each of us, in small ways can impact those around us. I am trying to be more aware of little things I can do – at home, in our neighborhood, anywhere I go.


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