New Morning

What do I do when,

…false words are spoken?

…help offered is ignored?

…kindness it criticized?

Well… I eat a second cupcake, stuff down a handful of potato chips, polish off the rest of the “fun size” Halloween candy bars… then I sit in a stupor in my recliner feeling like an idiot, until….

I pull myself together.  Stop beating myself up.

And when the morning comes, with pink sky poking thru trees… I will begin again with a strength that is underestimated by some.  By one.

I. will. love.

“Those who trust in, lean on, and confidentily hope in the Lord are like Mount Zion, which cannot be moved but abides and stands fast forever.” Psalm 125:1

5 thoughts on “New Morning

  1. His mercies are new every morning. Oh, thank Him for that! An underestimated strength – very interesting thought. Hang in there, lean on the Lord. Beautiful photos – filled with beauty and hope.


  2. oh my GOSH brooke!!! That is what I do!!! or rather I will say that is what I spent oh I’d say the past more than 25 years doing…..then in this past year i decided….ENOUGH…it is still at times a battle. the urge to hide myself because of pain or rejection sent my way crops up…but God is leading me through it….I just have to remember when that urge comes to ASK Him to lead me through it….gosh this post hit home. love to you today.


  3. i know exactly what you mean…..when the rejection and hurt happen, it is my inclination, too….the hurt remains from the rejection and hurt….but part of me gets hidden behind the weight caused by the good stuffing. i hadn’t seen anyone explain it quite the way you did. there is no 100% solution. perhaps now that it is identified, you and i both can resist that urge more often…’re in my prayers…..hang IN there!!! stay in touch….<3


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