Day Eleven ~ Missing In Action

31 Days of Aging Grace is still fresh in my mind.  I’ve never written and posted to my blog for 31 days straight.  Well, almost 31 days…

If you look at the list of links during the month of October, day eleven is link-less.

I tried to cover up a bit and glossed over it on day twelve, but the truth is…

… my default of quitting was hard at me that day.

I didn’t think I really could finish the whole month.

Didn’t think I’d have enough to say.

Didn’t think it really mattered if I posted or not.

Discounting the “optional” things I do is a problem.

When it comes to paying bills, or going to work, or cooking or cleaning or being there for my children when they were growing up… that was not optional.  Doing what I do here every day is not either.

Those creative, optional things that I want to do “when I have time”… I set them on the back-burner with ease.  I tell myself its “no big deal”. 

But it is.  Those things are part of who I am.  And meant to be done.

What optional things do you put off while you wait for more time?  Hint from one who knows… more time never comes.  You just must decide to do it.  Yep, you do.

So if I can write here for 31 days, I can commit to finishing a couple of projects I set aside.  No excuses.

There were over 1200 bloggers posting away for those 31 days of October.  I’ll mention them from time to time.  There were two especially meaningful to me…

Gary Moreland: Dot Connector and his series of 31 Days of Connecting the Dots.  He’s fun and easy to read.  He wrote an e-book called Scary Hope.  If you want to be motivated and encouraged to go after that thing you want to do… you need this.


Thirty-One, A Novel – by the writer of the Traveling Lighter blog.  She chose to write a fictional short story of a woman who made simple changes each day over the course of a month.  These changes moved her from a place of loneliness and discouragement to a place of hope.  Beautifully written.

Hmmm… I sense a pattern.  Seem to be drawn to writing that gives hope.

Hope.  We need it.  Fresh every day.

7 thoughts on “Day Eleven ~ Missing In Action

  1. Brooke – thank you! We want outer, circumstantial change. When [whatever ] fixes itself, I’ll be fixed. Doesn’t work that way, does it? I, too, want to change “the optional” and make the time to make it happen. Now, you should go back and link this to day eleven – then you will have it all filled in. I enjoyed your posts all month – looking forward to more from you, thanks again!


    1. You are so right :)… doesn’t work that way at all. I don’t think I’ll post about it each day, but based on your 31 days, I’m mulling over a couple goals and some beginning steps to those goals… that I will do every day for the next 21 days (time it takes to form a habit?). Need to start taking those steps forward! Have a good weekend, Maureen.


  2. This gave me apme food for thougt. There are so, so many things I just don’t get to, just like taking a nice long holiday, writing and reading more, spending more time with my mom. Thank you for making me think about moving these into a non optional category.


    1. I’ve also been doing alot of thinking about this – – sometimes I’m not totally aware how much something is on my heart till I write it down. Truly, I find so many ways to keep “busy” and often feel guilty taking time to read, to write down those thoughts – – even to take a break. This is going to be an ongoing work to be sure. Thanks, Jacquie:)


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