31 Days of Aging Grace ~ Rain on Pansies

We had a late summer in the Pacific Northwest.  Days and days of sunshine.  It spoiled me.

It started raining hard the last couple days.  Normally I love the Fall.  But for some reason I feel weighted down… kind of like the rain on my Fall pansies.

Yesterday I meandered… did laundry, ate too much, helped unload our truck, prepared a couple meals, ate too much, looked thru old photos I brought back from California last weekend, worked some on a big project I’ve undertaken, ate too much, missed my family, took some pictures in the rain, and finally… I ate too much.

Clearly the food thing is becoming a pattern that will lead no where good.

So today… I’m going to take a little better care of myself.  And maybe I’ll take some more rainy pictures.  And maybe read a book.  And probably… make a shopping list with [healthy] menu plan… that would be good.

I should probably tone down the political talk show watching.  That also leads no where good.  Plus… I better re-read this post midway thru the day so I don’t forget what I just said.

And as this 31 days of posting winds down… I need to wrap a few things up.  And come to terms with the rain.

It will be here for awhile.

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5 thoughts on “31 Days of Aging Grace ~ Rain on Pansies

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  2. I know you didn’t mean to be funny, but when you mentioned re-reading your own post part way through the day, I had to laugh. I know the feeling. It is one thing to put words and thoughts on paper. And another thing entirely to live out those words, day to day, rain or shine. Makes me want to go buy some pansies to remind me of this. Almost done – just three more days!


    1. Oh, I’m terrible lately at remembering! My husband and I keep threatening to tape record each other 🙂 And you’re right… saying or writing it versus living it are very different things! Hope you find some pansies – – they are very cheery to look at thru the window.


  3. Good thoughts (and pictures). Some days are ‘meandering thoughts’ type of days.

    The rain makes me restless… anxious about gardening chores still undone that shouldn’t be, summer projects that haven’t been completed. We had our family room carpets cleaned last week and I rearranged the room afterwards. Now the couch faces the fireplace, and when darkness falls and hubby lights the fire, I snuggle down (with a bowl of popcorn… what is it about eating these days?) and try to remember some of the good aspects of late fall. I don’t have any pansies this year. I should get some. 🙂


    1. My husband and I were just looking out the windown… thinking we better brave the rain and put a few things away. Seems like there is never enough time to get it all done before the weather changes. Or maybe it’s because we subconciously don’t want it to change:) My summer color spots had faded badly, so I splurged on the pansies a couple weeks ago. Glad I did. Your rearranged family room sounds very comfy… including the bowl of popcorn 🙂


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