31 Days of Aging Grace ~ Are We There Yet?

Hey! Are we there yet??

I found out yesterday that after only two full days on the market, my parents’ home sold.  In fact, they had three offers to choose from!

I’m happy for them.  At this stage of life they deserve to have something work out with ease.  And as my mom said in one of my previous posts, “God is so good”.

He is… He has planned good for each of us.  But sometimes… a lot of times… those good things seem so elusive.  They don’t come fast like the sale of my folks’ home.

Sometimes we wait for days, weeks, years… for the answer to a prayer.

Sometimes there are major delays… or the answer isn’t exactly what we were hoping for…

…or we find we’ve been stuck, going nowhere fast and big change needs to happen.

Oh no! Now what’s wrong??

Unfortunately, in those waiting times, my default has been to whine and worry.  I’m learning a better way though… I remind myself of God’s promises.  I recall the good things, the blessings, the lessons learned.  And I remember things like this… that happened to a friend of mine…

She and I went to the same high school, but didn’t know each other back then.  I met her thru an email inviting me to our 40th high school reunion.

Whoaa!  Did you get that?  40th reunion!!!  FORTY!!… (and that was five years ago)…

Anyway,  we were excited to find we only lived a couple of miles from each other, met for lunch and became fast friends.

I found out she had been a single mom for much of her adult life, had struggled thru some big health issues, had big financial issues, just a lot of “issues” going on.  But amazingly, she was, is, one of the most joyful people I’ve ever met.  She loves God, does what she knows to do and trusts Him with the rest.

She lived in a cute little cottage at the time.  One day we took a ride into the hills above her place where there are gorgeous homes.  She dreamed of living in one someday.

Fast forward… she went to the reunion and I did not.  She became re-acquainted with an old school mate… and a couple of years later they were married.

They bought a new home last year… in the hills above her little cottage.  Just like the house she’d always dreamed of.  Kind of a fairy tale ending, no?  Or perhaps, her Heavenly Father was blessing her with the desire of her heart?

I’m learning, as I wait and ponder what is next for me, that it’s not all about me.  It takes awhile, even for God, to move the people and situations into place place for that answer to appear.

When I think of all the good things I long to do for my children, I can’t help but believe He longs to do the same for His.

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