31 Days of Aging Grace ~ Voice

The smoke from my neighbor’s chimney, fog laying still on the trees, the sun trying to poke thru… draws me outside in the early morning.

Without a word, the gophers have said the lawn is theirs… we’ve lost the battle for this season anyway.

And the fog… it feels like a blanket.  The sun is saying, “hey! get up!  throw off the covers and start… do something… say something.”

Say something.  But my audible voice rarely does.  It wants to, then it gets tongue-tied and small… rarely heard in a group.  Sometimes… not even heard face to face.

But my writing voice… it’s louder now.  Every day this month I’ve put fingers to keyboard and written.  And the strange thing is… this writing voice seems to demand it now… that I use it every day… while I can remember things… before it’s too late.

Because too late has happened too often.  Life slips by.  Words that need saying aren’t said.  And we only have this one life to say and do and be… all that God intended.


Today I’m linking with Lisa-Jo Baker and Five Minute Friday… we write for five minutes, no worry about spelling, grammar, editing… just write.

And as always this month of October, I’m linked with The Nester and the 31 Day bloggers.

8 thoughts on “31 Days of Aging Grace ~ Voice

  1. Love the images – the fog, the blanket, the sun saying, hey, get up, and our words, quiet, one life to say and be and do. I too, am learning to speak with a louder voice – thank you for your encouragement.


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  3. Such true words to remember – life is going by and words needing to be said aren’t. I understand the writing voice getting louder – I have felt that this month in the 31 Days series as well. Thank you for sharing. (visiting from FMF)


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