31 Days of Aging Grace ~ Ninja Grace

It was a hard day… the day we left Alaska.

We teamed up with a trucker friend named Barry.  His wife had left him and he was on a mission to find her and make amends.

So there we were, heading down the Alaska Highway… three depressed adults, four active boys, one big rig, a van pulling an overloaded river boat and an old Chevy Suburban that had seen better days.  A sad-looking crew to be sure.

Barry let the boys take turns riding with him.  Exciting stuff for young ones.  Since we all had CB radios he gave them each a handle… one was Ally Oop (because they both liked that song), one was ZZZZZs (because he couldn’t stay awake), one was Tequila (because he perfectly mimicked the song) and finally we had Buckwheat (not completely sure why on that one, but it seemed to fit).

After riding with Buckwheat for a long stretch of road, Barry told me he had something to say.  The boy was only 4 years old… maybe he’d been naughty?

“I don’t believe that kid is 4…  I think he’s really a 40-year-old in a small body… he figured out all my problems… great conversations… I love that kid!”

Yep, that’s Buckwheat… even today.  Easy to talk to, bounce ideas off of, with equal part mischief thrown in.

Last weekend the husband and I spent a few hours working on our old house.  As I pulled an area rug out the front door, I saw this son’s truck, but not him.  I assumed he was out back with his dad.  Changed my mind where to lay down the rug, turned around and suddenly his hulking figure was right there!

He scared me… Bad!

He thought it was funny… and glad to know his inner “Scottish Ninja” (whatever that is) was still alive and well.  Silly Buckwheat.

The upheaval and change that has colored life for my husband and I this past year, spilled over onto this son and his family.  Just one of those convoluted family things.

It’s been hard… and we’ve had some uncomfortable conversations.  Dealing with my problem is one thing… when it affects my child, it’s almost unbearable.

His response has been gracious and loving, which brings healing.  And of course, he’s good at jumping out of bushes, which brings laughter.

He grew up to be a good man… steady and stable… a husband, a father and a Picasso with a paint gun……….

……….Oh, well OK… and if it makes him happy, he’s a Scottish Ninja….. 

photo credit Courtney McGillivray

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7 thoughts on “31 Days of Aging Grace ~ Ninja Grace

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  2. Scottish ninja – no idea what that means? a guy thing, I guess…I like how you wove some of the Alaska time, your little guys growing up, and where they are today. The tapestry of your family. Thanks for sharing it with us.


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