31 Days of Aging Grace ~ Finding Hope

Day Ten

I finally went.

It was suggested months ago.  I was given a phone number, a name, a physical address, an email address.  It was laid out before me like a gift… I kept refusing to open.

I did yesterday.

And sat in a room of 20 or so people… men and women, all ages, all with family members suffering from various forms and levels of dementia/Alzheimer’s… all saying out loud the words swirling in my head for a year.

Some of them have been meeting for years, some a few months.

What is said in the room stays in the room.

There were a few whose family member has died… but they come because they’ve formed a bond… they are friends… and they have something to offer the ones still on the journey.

I think I like this group.  I’ll go back.

One of my fears… loosing my self and having no future… apparently isn’t uncommon.  Helping your person while living a life… is why we’re there.

Two ladies, 70ish-80ish, lost their spouses recently.  They’ve survived a lot.  They meet with us to encourage.  This morning, right now as I type actually, they are leaving on a kayaking trip.

This makes me smile because I can see awesome…


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5 thoughts on “31 Days of Aging Grace ~ Finding Hope

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  2. Older gals, kayaking. I love to hear that. Losing yourself and having no future. I can feel the struggle there. The search for meaning beyond where you are right now. The photo is perfect – dangling from the edge…with awesome hope, secure, and the big beautiful sky around you!


  3. Thanks for sharing a post that is “hope” and gives hope. It is scary to think what future awaits us and it’s great to know that we have friends, family, community to share our joys and fears when the time comes. Great post!


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