31 Days of Aging Grace ~ My Handcraft Addiction

Day Nine

I’m sure some can relate….at Christmas you get that “unique” knitted sweater, a winter scarf/hat set (you live in a sunny climate), possibly kitchen towels with the crochet trim.  You might strike it big and get a knitted afghan.  And each holiday seems to be a rotating version of the above.

I can explain this… it’s because, I think, some of us develop Late Life Addictive Handcrafts Personality Disorder or LLAHPD.  (I just made that up… pretty good, huh?!)

This past summer a group of us met for a birthday luncheon.  My sister-in-law showed up with scarves she’d made for each one of us… because she’s just nice that way.  I love mine, the colors of fall… plus I have a burgandyish blouse to wear it with.

Then she stopped by the house and showed two of us how to make them.  A very sweet but potentially dangerous move on her part.

I promptly made one for my friend Sandy.  She says she loves it.  I’m choosing to believe her.

Then… 10 skeins of yarn and 20 scarves later (you get two of these babies out of one skein), I ended up with all this.  And this isn’t even all….

I’m mailing them to my mom where they will be donated to the annual fundraiser for her quilting group…  a group of ladies who meet every week and make quilts for charity… over 5,000 as of this date.  Talk about an addiction.

I’m keeping a couple scarves in different colors to match other outfits… in spite of the fact I told you yesterday I’m not big on accessories.

My scarf making seems to have run its course.  maybe.

Right now I’m eyeing three plastic totes full of yarn that arrived with me in our move last year.

I sense an afghan binge coming on.  I mean well….

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6 thoughts on “31 Days of Aging Grace ~ My Handcraft Addiction

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  2. Michelle

    Those are so pretty! Its not a problem when you’re donating them to a good cause, its generous you’re using your talents to help others! And if it gives your junkie crafty self a fix, all the better!!! heck, make enough and you can do a tax write off!


  3. I make knitted dishcloths, probably hundreds of them over the years. The gals can count on them in their stockings…I never wanted to be the grannie sitting, knitting in her rocker. For me, it is a no-brainer hand action that helps me think. I’ve made the pattern so many times it just flows, along with the calming thoughts and peaceful clicks of the needles. They wear out, get dropped in the rag bucket, and I knit some more. Think of it more as a mind exercise, a relaxing opportunity for new thoughts. You could be doing far worse things! (That is not a suggestion…)


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